An Introduction to Rosin Presses and Accessories

An Introduction to Rosin Presses and Accessories

Rosin presses are essential tools for extracting concentrates from plant materials or flowers without the use of solvents. To enhance your rosin experience, understanding the different types of presses and accessories available is crucial. Here’s a comprehensive guide:

Types of Rosin Presses(essential)

1. Manual Rosin Press


EzRosin AP2011 rosin press

Entry Level Press


These presses rely on leverage to generate the pressure between the heat plates. This is fine for small quantities, but for large amounts they lack the pressure to give a consistent result.
– Basic and cost-effective.
– Requires physical effort to apply pressure.
– Suitable for small-scale personal use.

2. Hydraulic Rosin Press

Hydraulic Press

These presses utilise hydraulic pressure to apply force to the material, causing it to release essential oils (rosin) from the trichomes. The hydraulic system provides a controlled and consistent application of pressure, making it suitable for various extraction volumes.
– Utilises hydraulic pressure.
– Offers precise control over temperature and pressure.
– Ideal for larger-scale production.

3. Pneumatic Rosin Press


Automated pneumatic press

Automatic Rosin Press


Unlike manual presses that require physical effort or hydraulic presses that use fluid pressure, pneumatic presses utilise air or gas pressure to apply force to the material, facilitating the extraction process.
– Uses air pressure for extraction.
– Provides consistent and controlled pressure.
– Suitable for mid to high-volume production.

Key Features to Consider

Pressure Control

– Look for presses with adjustable pressure settings for versatility.

Temperature Control

– Precise temperature control allows you to optimise extraction for different strains.

Plate Size

– Consider the size of the plates based on your intended production volume.

Material and Build Quality

– Stainless steel plates are durable and resist corrosion.
– A solid frame ensures stability and durability.

Timer Function

– Some presses come with built-in timers for consistent results.

Dual-Plate vs. Single-Plate

– Dual-plate presses allow for more even pressure distribution.


– For personal use, a compact and portable press may be preferable.

Rosin Press Accessories

Parchment Paper(essential)

– Unbleached parchment paper is crucial for collecting and storing rosin. Higher gsm means the paper is tougher and more durable.

Dab Tools

– Stainless steel or titanium dab tools for handling and collecting rosin.

Rosin Bags or Screens

– Optional for containing the material during pressing.
– Helps filter out plant material.

Pre-Press Mould

– Used to shape your material into a puck before pressing.
– Ensures even pressure distribution.

Heat Gloves

– Heat-resistant gloves protect your hands during the pressing process.

Rosin Filters

 Micron filters can further refine your rosin, improving purity.

Collection Tools

– Tools like scraping tools or dabbers to collect rosin from the parchment paper.

Cleaning Supplies

– Isopropyl alcohol and cleaning pads for maintaining the press plates.

Tips for Enhancing Your Rosin Experience

1. Experiment with Settings:
– Adjust temperature and pressure settings to find the sweet spot for different strains.

2. Quality Starting Material:
– The better the quality of your plant material, the higher the quality of your rosin.

3. Consistency is Key:
– Maintain consistent temperature, pressure, and timing for reliable results.

4. Record Your Process:
– Keep a log of successful press settings for each strain. Particularly the pressure applied, how long it was applied for and the temperature used.

5. Stay Informed:
– Stay updated on new techniques, accessories, and industry trends.

Safety Considerations

Read the Manual

– Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific press.

Use Proper Ventilation

– Ensure a well-ventilated space when pressing. Some of the essential oils that are released when pressing particular plant material can be noxious, be careful and research the plant matter you want to press.

Protective Gear

– Wear appropriate gear, including heat-resistant gloves and eye protection.

Know Your Material

– Understand the characteristics of the material you’re pressing.

By investing in a quality rosin press and using the right accessories, you can elevate your rosin production and enjoy high-quality concentrates at home. Always prioritise safety and responsible use.

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